I proudly use & sell Gehwol foot & hand care products at Sole Therapy. Gehwol 's unique collection of, "everything for the well-being of the feet", is both therapeutic & pampering. This highly effective line has received international recognition since its creation in Lubbecke, Germany in 1882.

lipidro cream Lipidro Cream - $22
Treats, reduces, & helps protect against hard skin.
Suitable for diabetics.
foot cream Foot Cream - $20
Use this rich cream to prevent chafing that results in sores,
blisters, & calluses.
soft feet Soft Feet - $30
Milk peptides & honey extract make feet & legs
noticeably silkier & smoother.
salve for cracked skin Salve for Cracked Skin - $22
A caring ointment for excessively dry, hard, rough, & cracked skin.
foot file Foot File - $20
Wonderful tool to maintain feet between pedicure visits.
herbal bath Herbal Bath - $20
Essential oils of mountain pine, rosemary, & lavender, help soften calluses & combat rough skin, perspiration, & odor.
hand cream Hand Cream - $20
An easily absorbed, moisturizing cream that protects & leaves dry hands feeling soft & smooth.
nail softener Nail Softener - $20
Prevents ingrown toenails & softens calluses. Leaves cuticles supple.
protective skin oil Protective & Moisturizing Skin Oil - $20
Clotrimazole effectively treats most fungal infections & protects
against new infections.
bamboo scrub Bamboo Scrub - $30
Natural bamboo granulate & jojoba wax gently removes dead skin & encourages circulation.